Royal Management Consultants

Royal Management Consultants works with providers step-by-step to make NDIS Registration a whole lot easier and more effective.


Audit Success


Companies Registered

Clarify NDIS Registration Groups

Apply for the NDIS Registration Groups that suit your qualifications and experience. It could save you frustration and money later.

Analyse NDIS Expertise

We help you identify the qualifications and expertise staff need to provide your services, explain the Worker Screening process and provide risk assessment tools.

taxation planning

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Provide NDIS Compliance Tools

Provider Registration Assistance includes the forms and tools you need. And we’ll explain how to use them to stay on track for audits.

About Our Ndis Provider Registration Consultants

Royal Management Consultants is a professional consultancy, specialising in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider registration process. Once registered as an approved NDIS provider, we also offer ongoing support to help comply with changes in the NDIS landscape and offer strategies to help with business growth .We will assist you from start to finish.

From sole traders to large organisations, our team of experts have an intimate knowledge of the NDIS provider registration process. We can help your business become an approved NDIS provider, correctly, compliantly and in the shortest time possible.

NDIS Registration Consultants In Australia

If you are searching for a NDIS Registration and Consultant in Australia you should stop your search now. Here at Royal Management Consultants, we specialise in assisting our clients with their NDIS registration. We have experience in successfully registering hundreds of companies, so we can say that whenever you think about registering your business, you need to consult with us. We have maintained a good reputation in the whole state as the pioneers of providing NDIS registration services.

New Applicants


$5 000

Package Description

  • For those who want to be trained on how to run an NDIS business

  • 10 hours training on guidance to understand your policy and procedure documents.



Package Description

CORE MODULES Including Audit Fee

  • Full Set of NDIS Policies and Procedures documents prepared
  • Five Year Business and Strategic plan with supporting cashflow

  • Organisational policy documents

  • 4 hours of strategic planning meeting

  • Full Company Registration (ABN, Business and Company Registration)

  • Website Development

  • Business Media package – business cards – corporate profile



Package Description


Including Audit Fee

  • Full Set of NDIS Policies and Procedures documents prepared

  • Five Year Business and Strategic plan with supporting cashflow.

  • Organisational policy documents

  • Unlimited hours of strategic meeting untill you get your registration

  • Full Registration on PRODA

  • Full liaison and uploading of documents with auditors

  • Business registration Full Company Registration (ABN, Business and Company Registration)

  • Full Website Development and support Social media set up three accounts – Facebook – Instagram -Linked In

  • Support on all socials and posting for one month